Product Technical Details

Impregnation plants are generally required in the electrical industry. The impregnation process improves the insulation resistance and increases the component life. Now it is a mandatory process for the electrical industry. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant is using the following industries for Resin / Varnish / Oil
  • Electric Motor Manufacturing Units 
  • Automobile Coil Industry
  • Railway Car Workshops
  • Locomotive Workshops
  • Motor Maintenance Shops
  • LT/HT Motor Repair Station
  • Research Laboratories
  • Armament and Defense Institutes
  • Transformer manufacture
  • Wood processing industry
  • Casting manufacturing plants
  • Capacitor manufacture
  • Electronic spare manufacture
The Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant is operated by manually or Automatic. Automatic Plant is reducing wastage; improves efficiency & manufacturing time saves. The Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant is available in three categories Manually, Semi, and Fully Automatic. We are designing these plants by using Digital Instrumentation with Automatic Control on PLC with additional Scada system, Automatic Lid Clamping/De-clamping, Mixing system with Stirrer, Cooling system, Air Compressor, and Heating System, This can be used for Multi resins in single Impregnating tank as per customer requirements.
Salient Features:
  • Impregnating Tank with multiple Insert chambers 
  • Storage Tank with Cooling and Insulation 
  • Resin / Varnish Mixing system
  • Resin / Varnish Level Indicator or Controller
  • Resin / Varnish Handling System
  • High Vacuum Pumping System with Condenser
  • Air Compressor • Dry Air Handing System
  • Chilling System with controller
  • Manually or Hydraulic Lid clamping and de-clamping
  • Manual / Semi-Auto / Fully Auto Controlling System
  • Viewing Port
  • Safety Features Like Indications, Alerts, Safety valves, overcooling, oversupply, High Levels, Low levels, excess pressure and etc.

Vacuum drying plant

  • uniform drying of the entire transformer core volume
  •  economic use of electricity
  • reduced duration of drying
  • simple operation
  • process parameters control and logging
  • removal of moisture from the chamber
  • the chamber is made of anti-corrosion material
Low Frequency Heating Transformer Vacuum Drying Oven CMM-6 is designed for drying the solid insulation of power transformers. A common practice during the production or repair of power transformers is to remove moisture from paper insulation. The dried insulation has dielectric strength 20 times greater than the not dried one, as moisture affects its dielectric breakdown. Depending on the types of transformers there are several ways to remove moisture from the active part. One of them is drying with a vacuum furnace (vacuum oven).
Drying of power transformers with vacuum furnaces has the following advantages:
  • more intensive evaporation of moisture in comparison with drying with warm air or natural drying
  • optimal overall performance and reduced processing time.