United Electrical Technology Private Limited

Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

The Plant shall be suitable for treating Transformer & Switchgear oil by first heating it and then passing it through specially designed filter and then subjecting it to high vacuum treatment which dehydrates and degasifies the oil to following specifications after completion of the process.

The Plant shall generally conform to IS:6034-1989 and its latest revision.

The Oil Filtration Plant shall be designed for high vacuum and low temperature of oil for achieving required results.

The Oil Filtration Plant shall be Mobile, mounted on an under carriage with Four Pneumatic wheels. Automatic brakes and towing arrangement shall be provided. The Plant shall be weather proofed and shall be suitable for outdoor use. The casing shall be provided with doors of CRCA Sheets, hinged on fabricated Framework, Angles and Channels to have access to the operational controls and inspection windows etc. The equipment shall be enclosed and protected against climatic conditions. The Screw Jacks for relieving pressure on wheels at stationary conditions, shall be provided.

All components shall have adequate strength and rigidity to withstand normal conditions of handling transport and usage and shall be free from edges or corners to avoid injury to Operating Personnel in normal conditions of use.

The design of the Plant shall be such that if required the part/s can easily be replaced. Proper guarding arrangement shall be provided on all such parts which due to their position and nature of operation are liable to cause accidents.