United Electrical Technology Private Limited

Heating Oven

The Heating oven are specially used for both motor & transformer industry. By heating technique, the moisture is evaporated from the copper coiling and improves the electrical parameters.

  • The Heating Oven is fabricated out of 2 mm MS sheet outside and 2 mm SS sheet inside. 250 mm square tubes are used to fabricate skeleton of the oven.
  • Front door provided is of double door with Single locking arrangement. Door Opening will be more than 130 ͦ.
  • The Oven is Insulated with 98 density rook wool 250 mm thick.
  • A motorized trolley of 15ton capacity is provided for this oven. The trolley consists of total 6 wheels out of which 2 are provided with geared teeth which in turn are coupled with the motored gear box. Suitable capacity of railing is provided for easy movement of trolley.
  • A total of 96 heaters are provided which are mounted on both internal side walls of the oven. The heaters are divided into 8 groups.
  • Ducting is provided on the inside for internal air circulation. Numerous doors are provided to the ducting to allow access for heater maintenance.
  • 4 quantity of blowers are mounted on top of the oven for internal air circulation.
  • An exhaust is provided on top of the oven.
  • A provision for real time job temperature measurement is provided.